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At we are proud to offer flexible class schedules that are perfect for the busy student who may have to contend with a job or family to take care of. Our massage therapy programs in Beverly Hills, CA are designed to help students learn a skill that can quickly translate into a job, career and business. We also have a variety of tuition payment options and financial assistance opportunities available to students from Beverly Hills, CA, depending on your needs and preferences.

Beverly Hills, CA Massage Therapy Certification

Courses include the art of massage techniques combined with scientific knowledge, communication skills and business practices. Upon completion, our graduates have all the tools and training to be exceptional massage therapists in Beverly Hills, CA. Training requirements to become a licensed massage therapist in the 90209 are may vary, but there are schools that specialize in training one for this career path. There are a variety of programs listed on this site, some with completion dates in as little as 30 days. Others have more comprehensive programs. Our program includes the following training and certifications. Swedish Massage & Deep Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Seated Massage, Spa Therapies and Reflexology.


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